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Frequently asked questions

MIU is approved by the MQA (Malaysia Qualifying Agency) and EAC (Engineering Accreditation Council)

All of MIU’s engineering programs are approved and accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council of the Board of Engineers Malaysia. Since Malaysia is a signatory member of the Washington Accord therefore the engineering programs are recognized by the engineering councils of other member countries throughout the world such as UK, USA, Europe, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and others.

MIU graduates are accepted in India and a few of them are working in India in companies like Shell and Barclay.

MIU ensures 100% internships within Malaysia. If student wishes to do outside Malaysia, they need to source their Internships by themselves. Final placements aren’t yet conducted on campus.

Students will be received by an MIU representative at the airport immigration. The immigration officer will not allow the student to come out from immigration office without the presence of an MIU officer.

Parents will be able to get a tourist visa to visit Malaysia. However, the onus is on the parent to arrange for their own travel and visa.

All students at MIU are covered under limited personal accident insurance while they are registered as a full-time student.


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