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Course Overview

The MSc program in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition at WGSHA was started in 2010.

It is a 2-year program designed to enhance knowledge and skills of nutrition and to develop critical evaluation skills through an integration of nutrition, dietetics (therapeutic nutrition) and research.

It provides opportunity for interaction with patients, and thus, students get hands-on training in hospitals,  in association with dietitians and clinicians. Students are also taught advanced diet therapy and participate in research projects, symposiums and conferences in nutrition & dietetics.

Course Objectives

  • To produce postgraduates in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition recognized for their practical and public health skills.
  • To acquaint postgraduates with advanced clinical nutrition, understand the basis of nutritional status assessment, biochemical basis of nutrition, nutrition related disorders, and the role of nutrition in therapeutic diets.
  • The course also aims at teaching skills of menu planning for quality and quantity preparation and management of resources.
  • The students also learn about new and expanding areas of research in the field of dietetics and nutrition and acquire necessary research oriented skills.

Career prospects

  • Clinical Dietetics /Nutrition: Hospitals or Clinics (healthcare, clinical management, counseling, etc.)
  • Community Nutrition / Public Health / Community outreach
  • Nutrition & Diet Consultancy in Health Resorts, Fitness Centers (e.g. VLCC), Gymnasiums
  • Industry (e.g. corporate health and wellness)
  • Administrative Dietitian
  • Academia and research: Teaching Dietetics / Nutrition or Nutrition Research
  • Private Practice / Self Employed/Freelance Consultancy  Services
  • Media (e.g. writing publications, television, marketing)
  • Medical Nutritional Companies (e.g. nutrition and dietetics advisor, nutritional representative)
  • Sports and Exercise Nutrition (e.g. elite and recreational sports teams, fitness industry).

Course Duration

2 years


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