Frequently Asked Questions

Manipal GlobalNxt University

How quickly can I complete my program?

How many subjects can I take at any one time?

How much time should I set aside for study per week?

What resources will I have access to?

Can I take breaks during the program?

Can I transfer my credits from another university?

Can I pursue this program from anywhere in the world?

I am a busy working professional, will there be some flexibility in the program schedule?

Does one get to interact with other learners?

Is Manipal GlobalNxt University Accredited?

Is the program recognized by corporates?

How do I interact with my professors?

Do I need any specific software installed on my computer?

Are there scholarships available?

How long will it take to complete my Master degree?

What is the partnership with CIMA?

How quickly can I complete my DBA degree?

How do I decide on my research topic?


What is the ICAS program structure?

How will this course help students make the right career choice in Engineering?

What are the kind of affiliations/ collaboration ICAS has with other Foreign Universities?

What will be the future prospects for students opting for the course?

What are popular disciplines at ICAS?

Is there any entrance examination for applying or joining the course?

Are diploma holders eligible to apply for the program?

How many students have joined ICAS till date?


What are the working hours? When can I visit the campus?

What are the class timings?

Is there any part time / distance education programs?


What is MIU’s recognition globally?

Is MIU’s engineering degree recognized in India?

Does MIU conduct placements and internships for the students?

Will there be pick up from airport for students travelling to Malaysia alone or for the first time?

Will parents also get a visa to travel to Malaysia? Will the university arrange for it?

Does MIU cover accident insurance for students?


Is Housemanship/ internship attached to the program of study?

What kind of medical facilities are available for students?

Can I apply for an academic break due to health reasons?

Am I eligible for a credit transfer to medical/ dental programme of other institutions?

Are there any important program regulations that I must know?

Are there any organised sports activities for/by Malaysian students?

What are the attendance requirements?

MAHE India

Where is Manipal located?

Can you describe the Manipal town (India)?

How do I get to MAHE, India?

What are the courses MAHE offers?

What are the various Scholarships offered at MAHE?

How do I apply for admission?

Can I apply to more than one course? Can I do it in a single application?